Saturday, June 2, 2012

Updates, Color Pencil Tip of the Week & Resource of the Week

Hey Everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I have been so busy with family and my daughter's graduation.  I haven't had a lot of time as of late to draw. Plus we have plans to move at the end of July. So things will be only getting more hectic this summer. We are going to have to downsize a lot.
Next week is my daughter's last week of school and then she graduates on the 10th. So excited and proud of her. I will be posting gradation pictures next weekend!
Anyways, here's the most recent update of the portrait gift I am working on. As you can see by the photo next to it, I am having to work from not the best of reference photos. There is a lot of glare on their eyes and eyeglasses. It's been quite tedious, but I am going to push myself to finish it up this week and get it out of the way, as I want to start on a new landscape or portrait for color pencil mag contest and the deadline for that is September 1st.

I wanted to share a video that has some of my artwork and some other amazing talented artists works as well. The focus of the video is depression awareness, which many people battle. I have been working on a series of emotional pieces focused on some of the issues that cause depression - such as, divorce, sadness, hopelessness and loneliness. Be sure and check it out

I have some of my miniature artwork up for sale at my Etsy store and prints. You can check it out here

Color Pencil Tip of the Week

I always get a lot of questions from other artists on DA how do you do that in color pencil, it looks just like a photo???! I always say, " a lot of practice and patience". Which is true, it has taken me years to get where I am today, in working with color pencil, not just by practicing, but also by reading lots of books, articles, observing other artists techniques and styles, and I have gone to a workshop (hoping to go to more workshops when finances are not so tight)

To apply color pencil, you don't just start by scribbling on one color. You have to analyze the colors of your reference and determine what color pencils you will need to achieve those colors. It's lot like mixing watercolor paints to achieve a color you want, so it is the same for color pencils.

Color pencils are a translucent medium, so by laying down one layer of color on top of another the colors below show through. Much like watercolors.
To analyze and determine what colors from your reference you will need, you will first need to make something similar to like Ann Kullberg's value viewer to or buy her portrait tool kit.( It is a must have kit!) 
Look through the value viewer on your reference photo to zero on colors and compare, determine and match up color pencils to that area.

Or you can use what I use, a photo shop program. You use the color dropper tool on your reference image to determine what area a certain color is and then compare, determine and match up color pencils to that specific color.

Last of all, begin applying and layering lightest colors first, then  slowly work  up to the darkest colors, using a consistent light to medium pressure.

Resource of the Week

Derwent color pencil hints and tips

Hope you all have a great day!!
Keep on Creating and Practicing!