Saturday, June 22, 2013

Updates, Colored Pencil Resource of the Week, and Art Resource of the Week

To be a color pencil artist, is not every artist's cup of tea. It is a medium that can be quite time-consuming, tedious and requires a lot of practice. Because it takes me so long to do a color pencil painting, I figure I will never finish up all the ideas or project that I have on my to do list before I die. I have come to a point in my art career, where now I just draw and paint what interests me and brings me joy. I am not in it for the competition or to make a profit anymore. Of course it is nice, when an artist can make a sale, it definitely can bring a smile to one's face. But now, I create works of art to share what motivates and inspires me, to help teach others what I know and it has been a joy meeting artists from around the world, especially the ones from DA and Sketchfest. You gals are the best and you know who you are :D.  Thanks to everyone who has followed me along my art journey and has allowed me to follow along theirs. I hope these blog posts and my website resources have been and continue to be a educational resource and inspiration to other artists, students and teachers.


I Believe is finally finished. Done in color pencil on Stonehenge. As to the meaning behind the portrait - My idea behind this portrait was to capture a man's emotions who truly believes in his faith and has come to a dawning moment of pure simple joy, awe and peace. The scan didn't pick up all the details of the clouds but if you look hard you will see some images in the clouds.

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Color Pencil Resource of the Week

Color pencil artist Revelle Taillon demonstrates and explains a wonderful technique of applying color pencil on gesso board. Check it out here

Resource of the Week

As portable devices and social networking become a dominant part of most artists lives. I have discovered a valuable artist tool for my iPhone - Pose tool. It uses a 3D platform to place subjects in various poses. It has 3 point lighting and 4 different modes to place the subject in - muscle, life, mannequin and gesture. Check out the review and details here You can download it from your app store for $3.99. Well worth the cost.

I hope everyone has a blessed week!
Take Care!

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