Saturday, April 21, 2012

Work in Progress, Color Pencil Tip of the Week & Resource of the Week

Hello Everyone!
Today is suppose to be a nice day, so I plan on working outside today, instead of on my current work in progress. I am nearly done with it, I just have a few more touch-ups and areas to work on. Originally, this piece was inspired for a ceiling mural I was going to paint for our church, but due to the age of the building and other matters, the church board decided against it. It's a 2 part panel really. This is the 1st panel. The second panel I will work on after I finish up a Mother's Day present for my mom.

First Panel

Color Pencil Tip of the Week

This week I am going to share with everyone how I layer my colors, to achieve another color.  Using light to medium pressure, I start off with a layer of greyed lavender as shown below, then on top of that layer I add a layer of caribbean sea. Next, I add a layer of slate grey and then a layer of cool grey 70%. I repeat the process of the same layers of colors again. Sometimes I will apply as many as 3 to 4 layers of the same colors, until I get the value and color I need. I always use light to medium pressure. I never use hard pressure, unless I am burnishing with a light color over the top of these layers of colors. I always start off with lightest colors first and work my way up to the darker colors.
After I have applied these layers of colors, I usually leave as is, or apply a solvent, colorless blender marker or pencil, depending on the subject I am creating. But as you can see, the greyed lavender shows through the other layers of colors. It's a lot like mixing paints to achieve the color you want, but you are layering different colors instead, to achieve a certain color.
Layering Colors

Resource of the Week


A social network site that has been getting more views than google+, linkedin and youtube combined.
Some huge controversy over pinterest in regards to copyright issues though, and I can see the concerns, when artists are not given credit. I have a pinterest account and am using it to share my artwork, share some of my favorite artists works with credit, and a way to gather some ideas for creating some of my works. Add me if you like

I hope you all have a great weekend and happy creating!

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