Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Colored Pencil Artwork and Colored Pencil Resource for the Week

New Colored Pencil Artwork and Updates

Hey all,
Sorry I have not been posting as of late. I have had some health issues and just had surgery on my foot on February 3. I have been pretty much out of it these past few weeks. I will be laid up for another 3 weeks and then I have to start Physical Therapy. I am improving day by day, but I am going to have to teach myself how to walk on my foot all over again. So, I have a long hard road ahead, but I know with God by my side I will be up and walking and going on hikes again by June. 
I plan on hitting the colored pencils again either later today or tomorrow. I wanted to share my last colored pencil piece I finished and my latest work in progress I started in first part of January.

New Work

This is my newest work that I finished up in November. Wow it has been a long time since my last post. Originally I was going do a solid watercolor border around this but I changed my mind and expanded the details of the amethyst outwards.
Title: Amethyst Butterfly
Medium: Colored Pencils and a smidge of watercolor along the edge
Size: 9 x 12

Surface: Stonehenge 
References: and

This next piece is a Christmas piece I did a few years back and I was never completely happy with it, so I reworked the background and the angel. I can say now that I am much happier with it. However, the scan does not show the irridescent acrylics.
Title: The Star of Bethlehem
Medium: Colored Pencil, Watercolor pencil, acrylics
Surface: Strathmore Aqaurius II Cold Press
Reference: Own imagination and

New Work In Progress

This piece is from one of my sketchfest pieces I did a few years back. I am using Prismacolors and Irojitens for detail. I am also using Copic colorless blender marker and an electric eraser for blending and textures.

Artist of the Week

Alyona Nickelsen is a very talented award winning colored pencil artist. She has been featured in many artist magazines and she has invented the Colored Pencil Blender Powder, Titanium White and her own Colored Pencil Fixative. Please check out her website. You will not be disappointed.
I just got my first Polychromos a few weeks back and I plan on, after finishing my newest work in progress, using them and will be using Alyona Nickelsen's blending powder and fixative. I can't wait to give this a try. 

Colored Pencil Resource of the Week

Lisa Clough shares here viewpoints and differences between Prismacolor Vs Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils. 

Keep on Creating!
Have a blessed week and weekend!