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It's All About Colored Pencils!

Check out these amazing talented colored pencil artists.

Alyona Nickelsen - Wonderful colored pencil paintings of still life and flowers.

Ann James Massey - Astounding black and white colored pencil portraits.

Ann Kullberg - The queen of colored pencil...her books, ezine and works are amazing!

Ann McIvor - Fine Art Portraits - Portraits of people and animals in colored pencil, or other mediums.

Ann Swan - Botancial pencil and colored pencil artist.

Anne Koivumäki - Paintings done in colored pencil, pan pastels and watercolors.

Arlene Steinberg - Colored pencil still lifes and florals.

Aron Gadd - Colored pencil paintings of wildlife, pets, and equine.

Barbara Dahlstedt - Award winning colored pencil artist and instructor.

Barbara Edidin - Beautiful realistic floral colored pencil paintings.

Barbara Newton - Colored pencil paintings that respectfully celebrate ordinary objects in an extra ordinary manner.

Becky Chan - Creates pet portraits with Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft pencils and air brush.

Bonnie Haversat - Realistic colored pencil portraits and still lifes.

Bonnie Sheckter - Colored pencil portraits.

Carlynne Hershberger - Colored Pencil portraits.

Carrie Lewis - Colored pencil art instruction, colored pencil tutorials and beautiful colored pencil equine drawings.

Cecile Baird - Stunning colored pencil paintings of still life.

Cheryl Miller - Botanical colored pencil artist

Christina Hanke - Colored pencil animal portraits.

Constance Moore Simon - Colored pencil paintings of small natural or man-made subjects.

Corrina Thurston - Specializes in vibrant, detailed pencil drawings of wildlife and domestic animals.

Cynthia Hellyer Heinz - Beautiful surreal colored pencil paintings.

Cynthia Knox - Colored pencil portraits and graphite artwork.

D L Friedman - Colored pencil paintings of birds, still lifes, cats and dogs and stones.

David Neace - Colored pencil paintings of cars, landscapes, and trains

Debra Yaun - Colored pencil paintings of animals, flowers and portraits, plus classes and workshops.

Double Vision Portraits - Colored pencil artwork by Karen Gerow.

Eileen Sorg - Two Dog Studio - Colored pencil artwork of Eileen F. Sorg represents the beauty of horses and wildlife with exquisite use of color and attention to detail.

Eric Leidecker - Amazing colored pencil drawings of cars and motorcyles.

Ester Roi - Award winning colored pencil artist invented the Icarus Board and technique.

Esther van hulsen - colored pencil artist that specializes in animals.

Gary Greene - Gorgeous colored pencil paintings, one of CPSA founding Board of Directors.

Gene Mlekoda - Colored penicl paintings of upland game and hunting.

Gemma Gylling - Amazing colored pencil paintings of animals.

Graham Brace - Beautiful landscape works done in water soluble colour pencils.

Heather Rooney - Photorealist illustrator of celebrities, fan art atheletes and public figures.

Hilary James - Colored pencil botanical and portrait artist.

Howard David Johnson - Realistic colored pencil painting portraits. Themes in myth and legend, History, Fantasy and Natural Beauty.

Jan Henderson - Professional and widely published wildlife colored pencil artist for nearly 20 years.

Janelle Johnson - Fine and decorative art in colored pencil.

Janie Gildow - Dynamic realistic color pencil portraits.

Jeff George - An awe inspiring very talented colored pencil artist. Has won two times the Best of Show at CPSA Exhibition.

Jeffrey Smart Baisden - Amazing colored pencil paintings of still lifes. His works have been published in The Best of Colored Pencil II, III, IV, and Colored Pencil Explorations.

Jennifer Slouha - Colored pencil paintings of cars and trucks.

Jesse Lane - Colored pencil painting of dramatic realism and portraits.

Johanna Pieterman - Colored pencil paintings of myth, magic, flora and fauna.

Jon Krider - Colored pencil portraits by Jon J. Krider.

Judy Ogle - "Quality family portraiture. People, pets, homes, churches, and inspirational prismacolor paintings."

Julie Podstolski - Colored pencil paintings of asian culture, landscapes, nature and animals.

Julie Spiegel - Colored pencil portraits of animals and people.

Karen Hull - Colored pencil portraits of people, pets, illustrations, miniatures and tutorials.

Kay Dewar - Colored pencil artist, webdesigner and illustrator.

Kristy Kutch - Beautiful still life and floral colored pencil paintings.

Linda Lucas-Hardy - Photo realistic portraits of people and flowers.

Lynda Schumacher - Colored pencil paintings of animals, western and still life.

Maddy Swan - Colored pencil portraits by artist Maddy Swan.

Maggie Toole - Using only colored pencils, Maggie Toole draws no lines at all... only varied, unending, overlapped and inter-twined circles.

Marcello Barenghi - Award winning Italian Hyper realist colored pencil artist

Melody Lea Lamb - Miniature colored pencil paintings of fantasy and animals.

Morgan Davidson - Traditional colored pencil artist, specializing in illustration, fashion, fantasy and nature.

Natalie Dark - Colored pencil paintings of still life, fruit and flowers.

Natalie Oberg - Colored pencil artist specializing in wildlife and natural history.

Nicole Caulfield - Award winning still lifes and portraits.

Nicole Jahan - Beautiful cat portraits done in colored pencil.

Pat Averill - Award winning colored pencil landscapes and still lifes.

Patrick Rogelet - Wonderful colored pencil artwork by colored pencil artist Patrick Rogelet.

Peter Kripgans - Realistic colored pencil landscape paintings.

Priscilla Humay - Gorgeous vibrant colorful landscapes in colored pencil.

Ranjini Venkatachari - Beautiful still life and floral colored pencil paintings.

Sharon SS Kow - contemporary colored pencil artist

Susan Helen Strok- Colored pencil paintings of fantasy and traditional subjects.

Tobi's Art Studio - Featuring realistic colored pencil portraits and more by 'Tobi'.

Toni James- Desert Winds Studio: Fine art and photography, tips, classes and workshops.

Vera Curnow - Founder of CPSA and author of many colored pencil books.

Veronica Winters - Colored pencil paintings & drawings by Veronica Winters.

Wendy Blackwell - Colored pencil paintings of still life and portraits.

Wendy C. Thompson - Pacific Northwest colored pencil artist, Wendy Thompson creates images reflective of cool waters, shimmering pools and fresh air, Dragonflies, Koi, Egrets, Herons and Loons.

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