Monday, July 31, 2023

Jackson Bottom Wetlands

This past Saturday, we journeyed to Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve in Hillsboro, Oregon. The 635 acre wetlands is named after the Hyer Jackson family, who came to Oregon in 1854. 

Back in 2020, during the COVID peak, we visited this preserve's 4.5 miles of trails and observed many wildflowers, native plants, wildlife, and birds. On this trip, we saw several native plant and flower species, herons, killdeer, swallows, deer, bunnies, and squirrels.

Jackson Bottom is a great place for bird watchers. There are over 200 species of birds on the preserve. Some species of birds can only be observed during certain times of the year, depending on their migration periods. We saw numerous Great Blue Herons on our most recent trip. Most were in flight. They are an elegant bird, and they have a very distinct call. They stalk their prey by waiting patiently and motionless then they strike their prey quickly. 

Great Blue Heron

Abundant wildlife can be observed within the preserve. From Black-tailed Deer to Bobcats to Fox Squirrels. 
We were blessed to observe this Black-tailed Deer meandering through the fields along Pintail Pond. Black-tailed Deer are part of the mule deer family and are most active in the early morning or evening. They bed down during the heat of the day.

Black-tailed Deer

There are over 300 native plant species and wildflowers within the preserve. We were blessed to see a few of the wildflowers still blooming, such as madia, moth mullein, yarrow, nightshade, tarweed, clarkia, hardhack, chickory, and aster.

This will not be our last journey to Jackson Bottom Wetlands. The migration of several species of birds in the fall is on our watch list at this amazing preserve. 

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