Sunday, September 26, 2021

Mt. Hebo, Fern Hill, Adventures Around Home


Mt. Hebo

Last part of August, we got to go on an adventure to Mt. Hebo with my brother-in-law, David.

Brother-In-Law and Hubby

If you have never traveled to the top of Mt. Hebo, it is a must add to your adventure list.

At the top of Mt. Hebo, the view is spectacular. You have views of the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Valleys. You can see Haystack Rock in Pacific City and see Tillamook. 

If you visit Mt. Hebo in the spring, there is an abundance of wildflowers that grow in the fields along the summit trail. I discovered a few stragglers and late summer bloomers along the trail. There is Goldenrod, Tansy Ragwort, Penstemon, Western Pearly Everlasting.

From 1956 to 1980, Mt. Hebo was used as a weather station. In addition, it was a U.S. Air Force radar outpost that was used in case there was a Soviet missile attack.


Fernhill is one of my favorite local places to go hike and photograph nature. We were so blessed with the opportunity to go yesterday morning for a hike and observe all of God's beautiful creations. I highly recommend going early in the morning before all the joggers and runners arrive, as the noise they can create scares off the birds. 

Fernhill is a frequent stopover area for wintering waterfowl and migrating birds that travel the Pacific Flyway.  At Fernhill, you will discover that there is a wide assortment of bird types, from Canadian geese to greater yellowlegs. 

There is an abundance of various wildflowers and native plants within the habitat. My previous posts in my adventures to Fernhill would have shown the spring blooms. However, the glowing beauty that can be discovered in the late summer or fall is just simply breathtaking. One can find remnants of flowers, or fall growing blooms. Below are just a few of what I discovered: Snowberry, thistle, Queen Anne's Lace, Clarkia, daisies, Trefoil, St. John's Wort, chickory, and Cascade Aster.


Just a few snapshots out in my garden and a few of the beautiful clouds in the sky.

Pray you all have a blessed week!

Keep on Creating!