Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Mt. Hood and Oregon's 2021 Winter Storm

Mt. Hood Area

Winter is one of my favorite seasons. I love how when the sun breaks out during the golden hours across a snowy landscape enriched with various colors. It can be quite breathtaking as one takes in all this beauty that God has created. 

Our first stop a couple of weeks ago was Jonsrud Viewpoint Park. The park is located north of Highway 26 on Bluff Road in Sandy, Oregon. The view of Mt. Hood and the Sandy River Valley is magnificent.     

Jonsrud Viewpoint


Moving on up Hwy 26 we stopped at several of the bunny slopes to let Kumori out to play in the snow. 

A couple of ravens huddled together in the cold.

My Family.

Oregon Winter Storm

Since late Christmas evening, we have been hit with a winter storm with temperatures in the 30s and accumulating at least 4 inches or more of snow, depending on where you live. It's a delightful, rare occurrence, and I daresay we had to go on an adventure amidst the white winter wonderland.

I pray you all had an amazing blessed Christmas and I pray that your New Year is filled with many blessings, joy, and peace. 

Keep on Creating!