Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Fawn and Battling a Virus

My newest ACEO is now up for bid on ebay
The Fawn done in color pencil . The ACEO is part of an All Group ACEO for the Yahoo Animal Artwork Group
Each artist will be donating a certain percentage of their sale to a non-profit rescue/shelter organization.

10% of this sale will be going to Nature World Wildlife Rescue Inc., which is out of Florida. They facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation and hopeful release of sick, injured and/or orphaned wildlife found in the Nature Coast Region of Florida. They are presently gearing up for the spill. I plan on doing a series of wildlife ACEOs to help out with the Gulf Oil Spill.

This ACEO was created with reference stock from Dreamstime.

Garsh my summer has not been so great very far,  I have been battling a respiratory virus for over a week now. Just when I feel like I am getting better, the cough starts to get worse. Last night, I was coughing so hard, I could taste blood in the back of my throat.  My chest is really hurting today. I go into the doctor on the 7th, so if things aren't better by then,  I guess I will have to get some antibiotics oh and I am sure she will make me get an x-ray. I haven't drawn anything for the past few days because of it, but pushing myself today. I am working on another ACEO, that I plan to donate part of the sale to the Marine Mammal Center. Then after that I have to start working on my entry for the Think Pink V contest - all for  Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer awareness. So I have got to get busy.

I hope everyone else is having a better summer than me.
Take Care and Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Fathers Day, Sketches and Follow Along Skin Tone Tutorial Pt. 3

Hello Everyone!
Been a rough week for me. Last Friday I was at the doctor's and hospital most of the day. I had to get a cat scan. The doctor thought I had diverticulitis or some infection in the intestine. The pain went away, after they shot me with iodine, but Sunday I started to feel not so well again. It's been a pretty rough couple of weeks. I started to feel better yesterday, but will be getting into a gastrinologist within the next week or two. And now I am coming down with that respiratory virus that the girls have had. Oh what a fun way to start off the summer break. :(

Happy Fathers Day!

I hope all the dads out there,  have a wonderful Father's Day tomorrow. This time of year I really miss my dad a lot. It's been 3 years now since he died from cancer.
A Happy Father's Day to my husband who is truly a blessing, who is always there for me when I need him and who is always so supportive. I am so thankful he is in my life.

Sketches to Share
Just had to share two sketches I did at yesterday's Ellen Millions June Sketch Fest
It was so much fun. I look forward to participating in it again.
I will be reworking these a sketches a bit more but plan to work on these soon.
Butterfly Blessings
 Victorian Rose Maiden

Follow Along Skin Tone Tutorial Pt. 3
Continuing on from the last part, here is a list of color pencils needed for this section.

Color Pencils
  1. Prismacolor Light Peach PC927
  2. Prismacolor Seashell Pink PC1003
  3. Prismacolor Peach PC939
  4. Prismacolor Mineral Orange PC1033
  5. Prismacolor Rosy Beige PC1019
Begin by applying a layer of Peach PC939 using medium pressure in the shaded and detailed areas and light pressure in the other areas. Next apply a light layer of Seashell Pink PC1003 over some of the areas of  Peach PC939 blending the layers of colors together.

Next add a layer of Mineral Orange PC1033, using light to medium pressure, shaping and detailing in the darkest areas of the arm. Apply a light layer of Peach PC939 over the layer of Mineral Orange PC1033, blending and smoothing out the layers of colors.

The next color is Rosy Beige. Apply a light layer along the edge of the arm and in the shaded and detailed areas. This color will start to tone down the other layers of colors. Use light layer of Peach PC939 and Light Peach PC927 to blend all the colors together where needed.

Next week will continue adding the dark colors and defining the details and shaded areas.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Follow Along Skin Tone Tutorial Pt. 2

Skin Tone Tutorial Part 2
Okay so we left off applying layers of cream, pale peach and light peach.
So here is a list of the colors you need for this section.

Color Pencils Needed
  1. Prismacolor Cream PC914
  2. Derwent Coloursoft Pale Peach C570
  3. Prismacolor Light Peach PC927
  4. Derwent Coloursoft Soft Pink C170
  5. Prismacolor Deco Pink (now discontinued but available in the Prismacolor Verithin 743)
  6. Derwent Coloursoft Light Sand C580
  7. Prismacolor Pink Rose PC1018
  8. Prismacolor Seashell Pink PC1003
  • Remember to keep your points sharp.
  • To avoid getting debris on the surface of your paper, wipe the tips of your pencil before applying the layers of color on a cloth, tissue, or I use my sleeve or pant leg. 
  • Rotate your pencil around as you are applying the layers of color, it will help keep your strokes consistent and smooth.
  • Keep the surface of your paper clean by wiping periodically with makeup brush or drafting brush.
  • To hide or remove flecks or specks of color that appear on the surface of your paper, use cream or pale peach lightly over the spot.
We are going to start off with this section applying a layer of Derwent Soft Pink C170 over the layers of cream, pale peach and light peach. Using light to medium pressure. Applying medium pressure in shadowed and detailed areas.
Apply the Deco Pink the same way, applying medium pressure in detailed and shadowed areas.
Next, apply the color Derwent Coloursoft Light Sand C580 using light to medium pressure. You want to be shaping the details and shadows of the hand and arm with this color. Then lightly apply a layer of Prismacolor Cream PC914 and Pale Peach C570  back over the top of the Light Sand C580, blending and evening out the Light Sand color towards the highlights of the center of the arm.

Now apply a layer of Prismacolor Pink Rose PC1018 using light pressure, shaping the details and shadows of the hand and arm. Next, apply a light layer of Prismacolor Seashell Pink PC1003 over the Pink Rose to even out the tone, blend the colors and draw in the details of the hand. And finally, add another light layer of Light Peach PC927 and Pale Peach C570 to blend and even out the colors towards the highlights of the center of the arm.
Note: The Pink Rose PC1018 can tend to leave specks, so keep to a light touch and try to keep your strokes consistent and points sharp.
Next week we will begin applying the darker colors and working on the shadows and details of the hand.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Follow Along Skin Tone Tutorial and Etsy

Follow Along Skin Tone Tutorial
I have had a few requests for a skin tone tutorial, so I thought I would do one here on my blog, breaking the tutorial up over a few weeks, giving viewers a chance to follow along and share what they accomplished at the end. I will be putting this tutorial up on my web site and DA gallery, when completed.

Materials Needed
Reference photo of a arm ( I am using a reference photo from WC Stock on DeviantArt )
8.0" x 11.0" Professional Grade Acid free Drawing Paper (I suggest Rising Stonehenge)
Electric Pencil Sharpener
Makeup or drafting brush
Drawing pencil

First 3 Color Pencils Needed
  1. Prismacolor Cream PC914
  2. Derwent Coloursoft Pale Peach C570
  3. Prismacolor Light Peach PC927
Note: Make sure to try and keep your color pencils sharp at all times unless stated otherwise.

Start off first, doing a light sketch of the arm. I made my sketch a little darker than normal, so the scan would pick up the lines. If you make the lines too dark, you can go back and lighten dark pencil marks with an eraser.
Next, apply a layer of Prismacolor Cream over the entire arm, using light to medium pressure. Use medium pressure in areas that are of darker value and light pressure in areas of lightest value.
After that, layer Derwent Coloursoft Pale Peach over the cream, using a light to medium pressure. Using the medium pressure again over the areas that are darker in value and light pressure over the lightest values.
Last, apply a layer of Prismacolor Light Peach, using again light to medium pressure. Using the medium pressure in areas that are darkest in value.
Next week, will pick up from this stage and continue on with the lesson....
If you would like to share or have any questions feel free to comment or email me at

For those who don't know about Etsy , it is a place to buy and sell handmade items. From art to jewelry. You can also buy arts and craft supplies there as well.

I have had a store over at Esty now for a couple of years. I have made a total of 8 sales and just made my ninth sale, last Sunday on May 30th. The only problem with my last sale was, the buyer didn't pay me, til today.  I emailed  the buyer once, prior to this, the day after the initial sell,  notifying them I could not ship out the artwork, until I received payment. No reply. I waited for another 6 days, today, before I sent out the second notice. A policy I keep on Ebay is the buyer has 7 days to pay me, before I report them and re-list the item. Etsy's policy is payment should be made within 3 days, before the seller should take action.

I have been pondering all day, did I handle the situation well with the customer. Communication is important when being the seller. It is important to let the buyer know how much you appreciate the sale and appreciate their interest in your artwork.After all, they might be a returning customer.
However, I find it very interesting, when someone purchases your artwork on Etsy or Ebay, why some people fail to pay the buyer right away. Especially, when payment is directly through Paypal only and once you click on the buy it now button, you go right to Paypal. This has happened to me twice now, when the customer delayed in paying for the item. The first time, the buyer got upset, when I sent a second invoice, but she did let me know when she intended on paying me. This second time, no response at all. How do you handle a customer like that.?
I have done some research and have come up with a list of tips and ways of handling non-paying customers through Etsy and/or Ebay.
I hope this list may help other artists in dealing with customers.
  • Specify in your listing or store policy clear expectations - when the payment needs to be received or the payment deadline. Three to seven days is a good time, unless a site policy is already in place.. 
  • Specify in your listing what will happen to buyers, if they choose not to pay.
  • Communication!  Prompt follow-up and communication is a must through invoice via paypal, etsy or ebay. Your first communication should be a courteous e-mail congratulating and/or thanking the buyer the day the purchase has been made. Let the buyer know the item is packed and ready to ship out as soon as payment is received. 
  •  Try providing incentives for buyers to promptly send payments -  Like buy and pay today and get same day shipping.
  • If you do not hear anything from the  buyer within 3 days of purchase, attempt another communication follow-up. Again tell the buyer, until payment has been received, you cannot send the item they purchased. Ask the buyer if he or she has plans to pay for the item or not, so that way you can cancel the transaction and re-list the item. 
  •  After 7 days or more have passed and you have still not received a payment or any communication, send a final email, explaining to the buyer, that since they have failed to pay for the item within the allotted time frame, they have left you no alternative, but to report as non-payment and cancel the transaction. You might still give them another 24 hour waiting period just to see if you get a response, if not cancel transaction and provide proper feedback for non-payment and non-communication buyer.

A couple of interesting Links on Etsy
Etsy Customer Service Tips - is a Four Letter Word -

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Update on new Work In Progress

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! We went to the movies and saw the Prince of Persia. The movie was okay. It wasn't quite what I anticipated. It kind of reminded me of the Mummy and Aladdin mixed together. It did kind of inspired me to do a drawing one day - kind of based on the theme. Will add it to the list of mile high art projects to do. :D
After the movies, we went to the cemetery to place flowers on my dad's grave and grandparents grave. I think the girls are finally starting to understand what Memorial Day really represents. At least I hope so. So many strong and brave soldiers have fought for our freedom and I thank God for them. I pray that the Lord will bless them and their families.

Here is the latest update on Alice. It's taking me a little bit longer than anticipated to complete and I have taken a couple days break from it and I will now finish adding final details etc. today or tomorrow. I keep saying I am going to finish it, and then something will interrupt the drawing process or I find something I need to work on more :)

Also,  I have some new listings up at my Etsy store you can view them here
Some of my limited edition prints of ACEOs are available there now. I hope to be adding more this week, if time will allow.

I just discovered this on Nicole Caulfied's blog. Google Street Maps
You can pan through cities or towns all over the world. Many artists are starting to use it as a reference tool for drawing backgrounds, landscapes etc. So I am off to go check out Ireland, Scotland and England. This is so cool!