Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Works and Updates

Hey Everyone,
It's been a while since I last posted. I have been so busy with family. I hope all of my follower's are doing well and are having a fantastic summer.
We finally got a new car. So thankful that God opened the doors for us to get buy a new one. Our old car we traded in,  was on it's last wheel, so to speak. It almost even didn't make to the car sales lot. We were getting pretty worried. Now I can actually start going to shows, fairs, etc. without worrying, whether my car will make it or not.

I finally finished my newest work for the James and The Giant Peach Contest. Didn't make it into the finalist category, but it was fun to work on this piece. I was rushing to get this piece done and since I did not win, I plan on working on the detail a little more at a later time. First, I have few other works I need to get done.

I just posted some new items for sale up at my Zazzle store stop on by and check them out

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As of the August 11th, my artwork and photography will no longer be free for psp users to create sig tags, tubes, stationery etc., My art, prints of my art, and tubes of my art may now be purchased at Artistic Dreams Imaging,

And last of all, The Think Pink V Contest is underway going on til October 3rd.
Read all the info here
I will be donating a 8 x 12 print of Send Me A Song to the Tradtional winner and a feature for all the winners for a month.

It's for a great cause - the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Take Care Everyone!