Thursday, July 26, 2018

Sketch Fest, New Works and New Photos

Hey everybody it has been awhile since my last post. Sorry for the lack of posts. My mom has been battling lung and bone cancer since October of last year. And then the first of this year she also had kidney failure and heart failure. Praise God she is starting to do better. 

Sketch Fest

So last weekend I got to participate in the 100th Sketch Fest.  I didn't have a whole lot of time to participate and I have to admit I am a bit rusty. The last time I participated was during the 90th Sketch Fest. Sketch Fest is a jam art session for 48 hours. You are only allowed 1 hour to complete a sketch. You have the option to sell the original and /or offer prints for sale of the art piece. It's a lot of fun and you get to participate with a wide variety of artistic levels from professional to amateur artists from all over the world and each one has their own unique style. If you are not an artist, you can submit prompts for artists to get their creative juices flowing or purchase art. The art piece below was done in colored pencil on brown card stock. The prompt was "Glittering Eyes". Not bad for someone who hasn't picked up colored pencils in months.

"Glittering Eyes" by Carol Moore

New Artworks

I have some new graphite pieces to share. I used Cretacolor Graphite for both of these commissions and Stonehenge Paper.

"Mick and Kathy" by Carol Moore
"Cove and Sharky" by Carol Moore

New Photo Manipulations

I got to dabble a little bit in college with photo manipulations in class, but I never really got to experiment with the variety of methods and techniques artists use. So, I am still in a learning process, but I want to start building up an on-line portfolio to show clients what I can do. So here are a few photo manipulations I have created so far.
  • This photo manipulation was done for Memorial Day. Background sky and flag stock my own. Military stock from Pixabay
"Memorial Day" by Carol Moore
  • This photo manipulation was done for Memorial Day as well. Flag and sky stock my own. Military stock from Freepik 
In Rememberance
"In Rememberance" by Carol Moore

Spring's Promise
"Spring's Promise" by Carol Moore
  • This photo manipulation model stock by Faestock. Background and overlay stock purchased from Bellevue Ave 

Spring Bloom
"Spring Bloom" by Carol Moore

  • This photo manipulation model stock by Aquilina. Flower stock by Jean52. Butterfly stock by Roy3D. Hair and pearls hand painted.
"Scarlet Princess" by Carol Moore

New Photos

I have some new photos to share over at my DA Photo Gallery. Stop on by and check them out. I also have some new Stock Photos over at my Pixabay Gallery and over at my DA Stock Gallery

Keep on Creating!
Have a blessed weekend!