Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year and New Work In Progress!

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! 
Thanks so much for following along my blog and for all the support and encouragement this past year.

New piece I am working on. I started this a few months back and I just kind of set it off to the side. I was getting frustrated with it. The other day I felt compelled and inspired to finish it. Not sure on the title yet but it will be "Something Winter". Presently working on the eyes and eyebrows.
Medium: Color Pencil
Paper: Stonehenge

Have a safe and great weekend everybody!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and New Work!

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Thanks so much for following a long on my blog, for subscribing to my newsletter and FB fan page. Appreciate everyone's support and encouragement so much over the past year.


 "Victorian Rose Maiden" 
Medium: Color pencil, Watercolor pencil and Acrylic

Something a little different from me, the first of my new Victorian series. Inspired by artist Alphonse Mucha and one of Ellen Millions Sketchfest prompts
Original is for sale at my website

Monday, December 6, 2010

Update on Christmas Piece, Sketchfest and New ACEO up for bid

Good morning Everyone!
It was a busy weekend for me, with the sketchfest and a houseful of people and getting ready for Christmas.
We will be taking off this year for the holidays, so I am trying to rush to get everything done this week and next.

I am almost done with my Christmas piece. I know I said that last time, but I haven't had a chance to work on it really, for the past couple of days. Here is a work in progress of it. The title is "The Star of Bethlehem" Done in watercolor, iridescent acrylics and color pencil. I just have the wings to complete and then just a tiny bit left on the background and looking at it now on the computer screen a bit on the hair as well. Hopefully, I get it done today. Reference stock from DA.

I just had to share my sketches from Ellen Million's Sketchfest, from this past Friday and Saturday. I finished my very first sketch to. All in all, it was a blast and I highly recommend it for other artists. Really helps improve your skills as an artist and so many wonderful prompts, you can't help but get inspired.

Whispers of Winter
2.5" x 3.5" (ACEO)
$5 of the sale will be going to the sketchfest

Once Upon A December
Will probably either finish this in pencil or do it in watercolor/acrylics.
When I saw this prompt, I kept thinking of elves at Christmas time and a vision of a story began to pop in my head. Once upon a December day, a elf discovered a magical place, where the snowflakes glistened and were so beautiful to behold. The elf saw a castle ... well anyways the story goes on and I have a little bit more to add to the background. Stock used by deathbycanon over at DA

Well of Tears
Didn't quite get this one done. Will be part of my emotional series.
Reference stock from DA.

Gypsy of Sorrows
Didn't finish this one up either. Might be adding a wolf to the background.

Anyways, I hope you all have a great week!!!
Take Care Everyone!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Commission Finished and Cat Photo

Hey all!
Well, I finished my color pencil commission piece. The client has accepted it. I just don't know if he was truly happy with it or not. And the commission piece is going to a friend who is a photo realistic-artist. So,  I think the client was looking for more of photo-realistic piece. Unfortunately, I am not a camera. I mean I can get realistic, but not hyper-realistic like some artists can. Those artists are really gifted and I admire their talent tremendously. Like Howard David Johnson I would love to one day take one of his online classes. To achieve his artistic mastery with color pencil, is definitely a goal of mine.

Here is a scanned image of the final work and then a digital photo of the work.
I have to say the biggest challenge of this commission was drawing the subject without the mustache. Pretty challenging, but I thought I did okay. Size of the artwork was 5 x 5.

I just had to share this photo of our kitten Taz. We found him when he was real tiny. We had to feed him by syringe til he was big enough to eat catfood.  I don't know what happen to his mommy. He is so cute. We call him Taz, because he is just like the Tazmanian Devil in Looney Toons. Fast little bugger and into everything. This is a rare moment of him sleeping peacefully and not causing havoc. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Update on Commission Work In Progress

So getting near the end. Working on the skin, mouth area and nose area. I will go back and fix the eyes and darken the hair once I have completed the rest.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Commission Work In Progress and Art Marketing

Work In Progress:
Update on my recent commission
Working on the eyes and skin now. I see areas on the right eye and eyebrow I need to work on and still need to darken the hair a bit more.  I will be saving the mouth area for the very last as it will be the most challenging part. The client wants no mustache,  so I will be drawing the mouth area without the mustache.

Art Marketing:
One of the challenges of selling one's artwork is learning how to market one's work. It's exceptionally difficult in today's economy
Here are some great links on marketing your art.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Commission Work In Progress and Update on Procedure

Good evening everyone! 
Well I made it through the procedure with no problems on Tuesday. The doctor removed polyps from the stomach and colon and did several biopsies. I won't know the results of the biopsies for about a week. However, he did not discover any reason for the pain I have been having, on my  left side. So I guess now I go see an internist, to see if they can help me out.
Thank you all for your prayers. Much appreciated!! ((hugs))

Commission Work In Progress:
Here's an update of my latest work in progress. I am working on the eyes now and defining the eyebrows and ears. I see now I still need to darken up the hair a little bit more on the left side and top area. So will go back on work on that area after I finish up the eyes, eyebrows and ears.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Update on Work In Progress

Good morning everybody! I started the clear liquid diet yesterday and then began drinking the prep solution. Let me tell you that is the most terrible tasting stuff I have ever had. And there is so much of it, I almost got sick. Felt sick all night long and the bathroom was my best friend last night.. And I still have a little bit more of the prep solution I have to finish.  I go in for the procedure later this afternoon, so hoping and praying that all goes well. Please include me in your prayers today. Thanks!

Commission Work In Progress:

I started working on the eyes. I will move to the eyebrows, forehead and ears. Right now I just layered down two very light  layers of base coats of cream and pale peach around the eyes, forehead and ears. I want to finish up the eyes before I lay down any more layers of color.
I still can't get the scan to pick up the right colors. The hair is much darker than what it's showing.  So tomorrow I will try my other scanner, to see if it makes a difference.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Work In Progress Update, New Photos, and Ebay Fraud

Good morning everyone! It's 6:50 am here. I begin my clear liquid diet today, for the colonoscopy and endoscopy on Tuesday. Asking for prayers that all goes well on Tuesday. I was in a lot of pain yesterday, but doing a little better this morning.

Commission Work In Progress:
I have a little more darkening of the hair to do and blending of the background, then I will move onto the face. The scan is not picking up the true color of the blue background or the hair exactly.  I will see if I can't adjust that, next time I scan.

New Photos:
I have some new photos to share with you. I will be compiling a new floral calendar, after I finish up the commission I am presently working on.

Spring's Promise

Morning's Kiss

Morning Dew

Ebay Fraud:

I thought I would share this little information that Jillian Crider posted over at the miniature artwork group.
Jillian is a very talented miniaturist and runs the ebay ACEO group.
This is some info and some links,  in regards to art fraud on ebay.
I thought it was pretty interesting, because the majority of the frauds are ACEOs done in color pencil or painting over prints. I didn't realize this was happening on ebay. I don't know if any of the collectors realize it either.
I have been told, there is a way to tell if it is a painting over a print or drawing over a print, just hold it up to the light and you will see lots of pink/magenta dots from the printer.
I also thought this was pretty interesting tol "eBay Refuses to Enforce Their Own Policy - What makes this especially frustrating, is that it extends beyond copyright infringement and art fraud. The use of celebrity images violates eBay's own policy. According to eBay's Faces, Names and Signatures policy: "Sellers are not permitted to list an item containing the image, likeness, name, or signature of another person unless the product was made or authorized by that person."
Correct me if I am wrong, this would mean you would have to get a model release or some sort of signed contract. There are many artists that create celebrity/movie ACEOs and sell them on ebay. I don't think many of them realize it's a copyright infringement, unless they get permission to do so.

Blog on ebay fraud busters

Jillian's review of fake art on ebay

Video on how fake art is made

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Work In Progress Update

Nearly done with the hair. I have some more darkening up and details to add. I applied a real light layer of blue to the background. Once done with the hair, will add more blues to the background.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Work In Progress Update

Work In Progress 2
Done working on the shirt for now, Will go back and work on the shirt some more, after I work on the hair. Colors using on the hair are cloud blue, lt. cerulean blue, indigo blue, black grape, black cherry, cool grey 10% and 20%,  dk brown, and  black

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Commission

I started on a new commission yesterday. A miniature 5" x 5" portrait drawing on 9" x 9" Stonehenge paper done in color pencil.

Just working on the shirt first, then onto hair and background.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Refuge of Hope" Finished and Updates

Well, I finally finished up "Refuge of Hope" a dedication to this month's Breast Cancer Awareness, to all the breast cancer survivors, to all the women who are fighting breast cancer and to two time breast cancer survivor :iconjunkbyjen: and her yearly Think Pink contest.
Prints are available at my DA page here
I will be selling the original unframed for $100.00 and 20% of the sale will be going to the Susan G. Komen.
Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing it.

I had quite a scare yesterday. I went into the hospital last week for a mammogram, the hospital called yesterday and  wanted to do further testing, as something looked suspicious. Well today found out the results are benign. Praise the Lord!

With everything that is happening to me lately, medically, I am beginning to feel like Job in the Bible. But even though Job had so many troubles, he remained steadfast in his faith and love for God and he persevered. An example we all should follow. Even though times are at it's hardest, and satan keeps throwing burdens at us left and right, there is always hope and God will never let us bear, more than what we can handle.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and has made the
    Lord his hope and confidence.
                                                                                      - Jeremiah 17:7

Monday, October 11, 2010

Update On New WIP 5

She's starting to come to life now. Decided to stick with a limited palette, as I wanted the pink to be the main focus. October is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness. This is my dedication for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer and two time breast cancer survior Jen
I will be putting this up for bid on ebay after completed, and a % of the sale will be going to Susan G. Komen.
Working on the body and face. Will get back to the wings later.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Work In Progress and my dog Remi

Started a new work in progress last week. I am presently working on the hair. I am still trying to decide whether or not to leave this to a limited palette or not.
This is my dedication piece for the "Think Pink V" contest, Jen
who is hosting the contest, is a breast cancer survivor. To read more about the contest check it out here

This is going to be a hard week for all of us, as we are going to have to put down our beloved yellow lab,  Remi.  We have had her since she was a puppy. She is now 13 years old and her bladder and kidneys are failing. So we decided this Thursday, we will be putting her down. It's the hardest thing to do, to put down a member of the family. And she is like family.  Wish we could do it earlier, but payday isn't til then. I am going to be balling all week and I am going to miss her so much. I am balling right now. We did everything together - we went on walks together,  we did the chores around the farm together, we went on car trips/rides together. I will be doing a dedication drawing for the best dog ever ~ Remi

Hope you all have a great week and thanks for looking!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Sketches and Feeling Terrible

Good morning everyone!
Well, I didn't make it to church this morning. I am feeling terrible. I started taking a new antibiotic last night, that the doc prescribed and not feeling well at all. I can't put off the gastroenterologist anymore. Next payday I need to make an appointment and get into see him.  Every time, I take an antibiotic it starts to hurt my stomach and the protonix is not helping. Only this time I am feeling pressure on my chest.  But the pain in my kidney is continuing, just not as bad and the pain in my stomach has gotten worse.
So I will be making this post short.

I just had to share my latest sketches from Ellen Millions September's Sketch Fest held on Friday and Saturday 
It was a lot of fun. Wish I was faster. Some amazing entries.
I was able to do more drawings this time. Three of them I am really happy with how they turned out. They need more work and I plan to do all three in color pencil. I have to start working on my other two sketches first from a prior sketch fest first. I just started my Think Pink V dedication piece. I will be sharing my work in progress by the end of the week.

Hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Updates and Baby Kittens

Hello Everyone :)
Well, school started for the girls right after Labor Day. I am back to being the very busy chauffeur for everybody. It really tends to interrupt my drawing time during these shorter daylight months, as I like to draw next to the window light during the daytime, but I will make the best of it. I do have an Ott lamp and a Bell & Howell lamp I like to use at night time, but the colors just aren't as true as what you see in window daylight. If I ever get a studio built, it's going to have lots of windows. Love window light.

Jennifer and I, have been busy taking care of 4 baby kittens. Something has happened to the mother, as she has been missing now for 3 weeks. I will try to get pictures to share soon of the little ones. They are so cute :D

I finally finished up the Orange and White Tabby Cat for CAPS  yearly art auction. I am really pleased how this one turned out. I think the colors blended well together.

I also updated my James and Giant Peach Daydream entry. I wanted to darken up the colors a bit more and worked on the background some more. I didn't place, but it was so much fun working on this piece.

My next projects will be the Think Pink V dedication piece, working on a new Christmas piece, Ellen Millions sketches and a new emotional and spiritual piece.
Hope everyone has a great day!
Take Care and God Bless!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Work In Progress

A new work in progress. It's a donation piece for CAPS  The reference photo is from dreamstime. I really liked the pose and something about orange tabby's I have always liked.  I have been working on this new miniature now off and on for about 2 weeks. A lot of detail and trying to work with limited colors has been a real hindrance. I wish I had a color pencil that was a pale orange not to golden.  A deco orange might be perfect, but unfortunately Prisma doesn't offer the decos anymore and presently don't have the $$ to get the colors I need. School time for the girls, has drained our pockets dried. Anyways, got about a week to get it finished. So hope to have a finished piece to show everybody real soon.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Works and Updates

Hey Everyone,
It's been a while since I last posted. I have been so busy with family. I hope all of my follower's are doing well and are having a fantastic summer.
We finally got a new car. So thankful that God opened the doors for us to get buy a new one. Our old car we traded in,  was on it's last wheel, so to speak. It almost even didn't make to the car sales lot. We were getting pretty worried. Now I can actually start going to shows, fairs, etc. without worrying, whether my car will make it or not.

I finally finished my newest work for the James and The Giant Peach Contest. Didn't make it into the finalist category, but it was fun to work on this piece. I was rushing to get this piece done and since I did not win, I plan on working on the detail a little more at a later time. First, I have few other works I need to get done.

I just posted some new items for sale up at my Zazzle store stop on by and check them out

make custom gifts at Zazzle

As of the August 11th, my artwork and photography will no longer be free for psp users to create sig tags, tubes, stationery etc., My art, prints of my art, and tubes of my art may now be purchased at Artistic Dreams Imaging,

And last of all, The Think Pink V Contest is underway going on til October 3rd.
Read all the info here
I will be donating a 8 x 12 print of Send Me A Song to the Tradtional winner and a feature for all the winners for a month.

It's for a great cause - the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Take Care Everyone!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Updates and Skin Tone Tutorial Pt. 4

Hey Everyone,
It's been a while since I posted anything. The whole family has been battling this bronchitis/walking pneumonia for about 4 weeks now. Just now starting to feel better. Now my hubby just came down with it on Sunday. I just pray my youngest daughter does not come down with it again. Her immune system is not very strong. And I pray I don't get it again either, as I had a reaction to the antibiotics and wasn't able to take all of them.

We have been trying to see about buying a house, but we think God is closing the door on that, for us right now. Instead, we think, He is trying to tell us to go buy a car or we will be walking. The car situation is not too good. Three cars are sitting in the driveway and all but one is driveable, just barely.

Anyways, I haven't been drawing too much as of late. I did finish up the skin tone tutorial about a week or so ago and I am almost done with my egret ACEO I have been working on. Motivation has not been so high, due to all this sickness. I hope to be sharing the newest ACEO with you all soon.

Follow Along Skin Tone Tutorial Pt.4
This will be the last part of this tutorial. I am already working on the tutorial as a whole lesson for my website and DA.
So continuing on where we left off last time....

Color Pencils You Will Need
Prismacolor Light Peach PC927
Prismacolor Seashell Pink PC1003
Prismacolor Peach PC939Prismacolor Pink PC929
Prismacolor Clay Rose PC1017
Prismacolor Burnt Ochre PC743
Derwent Coloursoft Pale Brown C220
Prismacolor Greyed Lavendar PC1026
Derwent Coloursoft Mid Brown C600
Prismacolor Dark Brown PC946
Prismacolor Dark Umber PC947
Prismacolor Black PC935

Start off by adding a light layer of Pink PC929 in the shaded and detailed areas. Then add a light to medium layer of Clay Rose PC1017. Use medium pressure in the shaded and detailed areas and light pressure in the other areas.  Next, add a light layer of Peach PC939 blending the layers of colors together.

 Next add a light to medium layer of Burnt Ochre and then Pale Brown in the shaded and detailed areas. Adding more pressure in along the edge of the bottom part of the arm and in and around the fingers. Then add a light layer of Seashell Pink PC1003 blending the two colors together and evening the colors out.

 Now apply a light to medium pressure of Greyed Lavendar PC1026 in the shaded and detailed areas. Next, apply a light to medium pressure of  Dark Brown PC946 in the lower part of the arm's shaded and detailed areas and just slightly in the upper right part of the arm. Use medium pressure of the Dark Brown along the lower edge of the arm and up and around the fingers. As you will see the Greyed Lavendar tones down the orange-peach tone. Even out and blend the colors with a light layer of Clay Rose.

 Lastly,  apply a light to medium layer of Dark Umber PC947 and then a light layer of  Black PC935 along the lower edge of the arm and in around the fingers. Even out and blend the colors with Greyed Lavendar and Peach.

Thanks for following along. I will have the full tutorial up on my site later tonight and up on my DA Gallery.
The images will be much bigger and explained a little better as well.
Hope you all are having a great summer and Happy Creating!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Fawn and Battling a Virus

My newest ACEO is now up for bid on ebay
The Fawn done in color pencil . The ACEO is part of an All Group ACEO for the Yahoo Animal Artwork Group
Each artist will be donating a certain percentage of their sale to a non-profit rescue/shelter organization.

10% of this sale will be going to Nature World Wildlife Rescue Inc., which is out of Florida. They facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation and hopeful release of sick, injured and/or orphaned wildlife found in the Nature Coast Region of Florida. They are presently gearing up for the spill. I plan on doing a series of wildlife ACEOs to help out with the Gulf Oil Spill.

This ACEO was created with reference stock from Dreamstime.

Garsh my summer has not been so great very far,  I have been battling a respiratory virus for over a week now. Just when I feel like I am getting better, the cough starts to get worse. Last night, I was coughing so hard, I could taste blood in the back of my throat.  My chest is really hurting today. I go into the doctor on the 7th, so if things aren't better by then,  I guess I will have to get some antibiotics oh and I am sure she will make me get an x-ray. I haven't drawn anything for the past few days because of it, but pushing myself today. I am working on another ACEO, that I plan to donate part of the sale to the Marine Mammal Center. Then after that I have to start working on my entry for the Think Pink V contest - all for  Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer awareness. So I have got to get busy.

I hope everyone else is having a better summer than me.
Take Care and Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Fathers Day, Sketches and Follow Along Skin Tone Tutorial Pt. 3

Hello Everyone!
Been a rough week for me. Last Friday I was at the doctor's and hospital most of the day. I had to get a cat scan. The doctor thought I had diverticulitis or some infection in the intestine. The pain went away, after they shot me with iodine, but Sunday I started to feel not so well again. It's been a pretty rough couple of weeks. I started to feel better yesterday, but will be getting into a gastrinologist within the next week or two. And now I am coming down with that respiratory virus that the girls have had. Oh what a fun way to start off the summer break. :(

Happy Fathers Day!

I hope all the dads out there,  have a wonderful Father's Day tomorrow. This time of year I really miss my dad a lot. It's been 3 years now since he died from cancer.
A Happy Father's Day to my husband who is truly a blessing, who is always there for me when I need him and who is always so supportive. I am so thankful he is in my life.

Sketches to Share
Just had to share two sketches I did at yesterday's Ellen Millions June Sketch Fest
It was so much fun. I look forward to participating in it again.
I will be reworking these a sketches a bit more but plan to work on these soon.
Butterfly Blessings
 Victorian Rose Maiden

Follow Along Skin Tone Tutorial Pt. 3
Continuing on from the last part, here is a list of color pencils needed for this section.

Color Pencils
  1. Prismacolor Light Peach PC927
  2. Prismacolor Seashell Pink PC1003
  3. Prismacolor Peach PC939
  4. Prismacolor Mineral Orange PC1033
  5. Prismacolor Rosy Beige PC1019
Begin by applying a layer of Peach PC939 using medium pressure in the shaded and detailed areas and light pressure in the other areas. Next apply a light layer of Seashell Pink PC1003 over some of the areas of  Peach PC939 blending the layers of colors together.

Next add a layer of Mineral Orange PC1033, using light to medium pressure, shaping and detailing in the darkest areas of the arm. Apply a light layer of Peach PC939 over the layer of Mineral Orange PC1033, blending and smoothing out the layers of colors.

The next color is Rosy Beige. Apply a light layer along the edge of the arm and in the shaded and detailed areas. This color will start to tone down the other layers of colors. Use light layer of Peach PC939 and Light Peach PC927 to blend all the colors together where needed.

Next week will continue adding the dark colors and defining the details and shaded areas.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Follow Along Skin Tone Tutorial Pt. 2

Skin Tone Tutorial Part 2
Okay so we left off applying layers of cream, pale peach and light peach.
So here is a list of the colors you need for this section.

Color Pencils Needed
  1. Prismacolor Cream PC914
  2. Derwent Coloursoft Pale Peach C570
  3. Prismacolor Light Peach PC927
  4. Derwent Coloursoft Soft Pink C170
  5. Prismacolor Deco Pink (now discontinued but available in the Prismacolor Verithin 743)
  6. Derwent Coloursoft Light Sand C580
  7. Prismacolor Pink Rose PC1018
  8. Prismacolor Seashell Pink PC1003
  • Remember to keep your points sharp.
  • To avoid getting debris on the surface of your paper, wipe the tips of your pencil before applying the layers of color on a cloth, tissue, or I use my sleeve or pant leg. 
  • Rotate your pencil around as you are applying the layers of color, it will help keep your strokes consistent and smooth.
  • Keep the surface of your paper clean by wiping periodically with makeup brush or drafting brush.
  • To hide or remove flecks or specks of color that appear on the surface of your paper, use cream or pale peach lightly over the spot.
We are going to start off with this section applying a layer of Derwent Soft Pink C170 over the layers of cream, pale peach and light peach. Using light to medium pressure. Applying medium pressure in shadowed and detailed areas.
Apply the Deco Pink the same way, applying medium pressure in detailed and shadowed areas.
Next, apply the color Derwent Coloursoft Light Sand C580 using light to medium pressure. You want to be shaping the details and shadows of the hand and arm with this color. Then lightly apply a layer of Prismacolor Cream PC914 and Pale Peach C570  back over the top of the Light Sand C580, blending and evening out the Light Sand color towards the highlights of the center of the arm.

Now apply a layer of Prismacolor Pink Rose PC1018 using light pressure, shaping the details and shadows of the hand and arm. Next, apply a light layer of Prismacolor Seashell Pink PC1003 over the Pink Rose to even out the tone, blend the colors and draw in the details of the hand. And finally, add another light layer of Light Peach PC927 and Pale Peach C570 to blend and even out the colors towards the highlights of the center of the arm.
Note: The Pink Rose PC1018 can tend to leave specks, so keep to a light touch and try to keep your strokes consistent and points sharp.
Next week we will begin applying the darker colors and working on the shadows and details of the hand.