Saturday, August 4, 2012

Work In Progress, Colored Pencil Tip and Resource of the Week

Hi Everyone!
It's been a while since I posted last. Last time I posted we were in the process of moving. We are finally all moved in to town and are slowly getting settled. It still feels all so surreal. We had to downsize quite a bit, as the house we moved into is quite a bit smaller than our previous home, but at least we are not having to breathe in black mold anymore.

After living in the country for 20 years, I think we are transforming into city dwellers quite well. The town of Carlton is so friendly and we are discovering wonderful restaurants and diners, such as the Deli Station, Cielo Blue's (amazing french cuisine), and Carlton Coffee Company. We plan on going to Carlton's Walk in the Park in a couple of weeks and will share photos then.

Cielo Blue Restaurant

We have a field behind us and get to hear and see - doves, quail, pheasant, deer and saw a coopers hawk the other day. Wished I had a good camera I would have gotten an awesome pic of him.

Field Behind Our House

Our four cats are slowly getting use to the new place, most of them have decided my art room is the place to hang out, as you can see Shadow here loves laying on the window sill in my art room.

Work In Progress

So here is an update on my latest work in progress. Presently working on the background. I worked on the rocks first, to complete a step by step on creating rocks with color pencil and watercolor pencil. I will be darkening those up after I complete the background.

Bear Creek

Colored Pencil Tip of the Week

Back in April, I shared on how I blend two colors together, using colored pencil. I came across a wonderful video today, by color pencil artist Janie Gildow. She demonstrates on how she blends two colors together. It's a great little excercise and I would like to encourage my followers to give it a try. The only thing different that I do is, I use a more of a vertical stroke, when applying color, whereas, Janie is using more of a circular stroke. And she is so right, working with colored pencil does take a lot of patience.  Check it out here

Resource of the Week

I just had to share this link of artist Johannes Wesmark. He is a photo realist working with colored pencil and watercolor. His landscapes are amazing!

Keep on creating everyone and have a great week!