Sunday, November 11, 2012

Work In Progress, Updates, Donating Artwork and Resource of the Week

Hi Everyone!
It's been crazy busy with school. Trying to find time to draw has been pretty much limited to, one day a week for me - Saturday. And then I hope nothing comes up, to interfere with the day. I am looking forward to Christmas break to work on some sketches from the sketchfest. I am presently not taking any commissions, just no time to work on them.

Anyways, here is my current work in progress of a portrait of Frans and Trish. I am so thankful they have not complained about how long it has been taking to complete this. They got married back in August. Two very special people. I hope I am capturing their likeness and spirit. Presently working on their clothes and the flowers.

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Donating Artwork

If you have been following along on my Facebook Page, you will have known by now that I finished the cougar piece. I tried to posting it up on ebay, donating a percentage to Wildcat Haven, well I ran into some trouble. Even though I got permission from the photographer to use her photo as a reference, it appears she failed to tell me that Wildcat Haven had exclusive rights. My fault I should have checked into it further and I should have contacted them as well. Well, they were bit nasty with their messages, which got me upset, and pretty much calling me a liar. Anyways, to put a long story short, I now have decided to give back to my followers on Facebook, the cougar drawing is now a part of a free Thanksgiving give-a-way. If you "like" the post on my Facebook page, you will automatically be put into the drawing on 15th of November.
I have done many donations for rescue places, this is the very first time, I have ever ran into any problems with donating a percentage of the sale to an organization. As artists, I think it is important that we share our bad experiences, so other artists may learn from our own mistakes.

Steps When Donating Artwork or Percentage of the Sale of Artwork:
  1. Always check out throughly the non-profit organization you wish to donate your artwork to, or a percentage of a artwork sale to.  What exactly is their mission? Do they accept percentage of sales on ebay? Do they allow drawings or paintings of their animals (don't just assume you just need permission from the photographer)
  2. Ask other artists, who have donated to the organization, what they thought about the organization. What did they think about the organization? How did they treat you? Did you get a donation receipt?
  3. Always, try to use stock photos or your own photos for references.
  4. If you decide to use a photo that isn't stock or not your own, make sure to get permission from the photographer and stick to their guidelines to the tee. And of course always give credit when you post the image up on your website.
  5. Notify the photographer and organization when you are done with the artwork.
  6. Notify the photographer and organization when you plan to put up the artwork for bid on ebay.
  7. Find out if there are any guidelines, when posting artwork up for bid on ebay.
Resource of the Week

A great article for emerging artists, artists trying to re-define themselves or artists struggling what their niche is.
6 Ways to Develop Your Signature Style

Hope you all have a great week!
Happy Creating!