Monday, July 22, 2013

Updates and New Works

It's been a while since I posted last. I have been busy working on some new works, spending time with family and doing things around our new house. I hope all my followers are having a great summer. We hope to take off for vacation next month down the coast. I can't wait as I miss the coast so much.
And my daughter got a new puppy a few months back a white Siberian Husky. He looks a lot like a white German Shepherd. I have to say it is a lot like having a toddler around the house. I hope I get a chance to draw him once I can get some good pictures of him.


Just letting followers know, I will be slowly transferring my color pencil resource tips and techniques page to my blog before I start school again. Since I am only creating works now for just a hobby/pleasure, I have been pondering over the idea about making my blog my main site and phasing out the main site within the next year or so. I feel there is really no need in keeping a site anymore, especially once I finish up school and start web designing as a profession. I will be putting up my artwork that is for sale either at my Etsy store or at one of the auction places. I will be posting further updates on this later.

For those interested, I do have some new works up for sale at my Etsy store

New Works

I have some new sketches available for sale at Sketch Fest from this past weekend's Sketch Fest #39

I didn't get a chance to work on many sketches this time, as my husband had the computer most of the day on Saturday. I really enjoyed viewing everyone else's amazing works. Everyone is so artistically creative and talented there. Just practicing up on my pencil skills was so much fun though. All 4 are done in graphite some mixed with acrylic and color pencil.

1. Teacup Mermaid
Reference: Model - Poser and Teacup

2. The Magic of Faeries
Reference: My daughter

3. Crown of Stars
Reference: model

4. Water Elemental Mermaid ACEO
Reference: Poser and model pose (changed it up quite a bit though)

I have two new mermaid pieces available for sale up at my site
They are two of the three mermaid sisters from the Jack Sparrow series.

Graphite, Gel Ink and Color Pencil
Reference: Poser tool on iPhone

Graphite, Color Pencil and Gel Ink
Resource/CP tip of the Week

A great page on color pencil tips

Hope you all have a great week!