Saturday, February 25, 2012

Updates and Resource of the Week

Hi everybody :)
It's been a while since I lasted posted, my apologies, I have just been so busy with family. I have been trying to squeeze in drawing, when I can. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in January, and I have been going/taking her to the hospital for her appointments. She starts radiation treatments next month for 3 weeks, 5 days a week, which will take up even more of my time. But I am hoping to start on a new art project within the next day or two and have a couple of commissions coming up as well and plan on another color pencil kit of either a eye or flower.

I have some new artwork to share.

The first is an all new color pencil kit - "The Butterfly - Creating Soft Focus Backgrounds" ~ beginning to advanced level   Price: $3.50 Downloadable pdf  here
Plus a short tutorial of "The Butterfly - Creating Soft Focus Backgrounds" will be featured in Sally Ford's Colored Pencil Magazine in the March 2012 issue.
Buy your copy here

Next I have a new emotional piece "String To My Heart". Done in color pencil
I wanted to convey how one can be deeply, desperately in love, no matter how badly they are being treated or no matter what happens in the relationship, yet that thread to your heart can be very fragile, can be easily twisted and torn apart or broken. If you look close, you will find hidden hearts throughout the piece.


As of about three weeks ago, I decided to end my partnership with Paypal, due to the fact they are now holding any of my sales from ebay, etsy and my site + shipping and handling fees for 21 days, before I am allowed to access them. So, I am now in the process of changing everything on my website over to Google Checkout and Ejunkie. Very happy with the setup and now my customers can download the kits directly to their computer without me having to email them the file. I now have an all new policy page up on my site located here

Making more changes to my website, over the next few months I will be adding an all new tube/sig tag section. Prices will range from $1.80 for individual works to $5.00 for packs. More details about this  coming soon and will be updating my terms of use page as well.

I also decide to add a new section to my gallery, (still working on the title, but will have PINK in it) that is  dedicated to Breast Cancer, with my artwork to purchase and % donated to any breast cancer organizations listed -  more details about this coming soon.


A great resource for all artists, is this great blog entry by Kate Harper, on 22 free stock photo websites. Check it out!