Saturday, May 5, 2012

WIP, Color Pencil Tip of the Week & Resource of the Week

Hello all my followers!
Today is the day of my youngest daughter's senior prom. I can't believe it is her last year of highschool. I am so proud of her. She has blossomed into a caring beautiful young lady. And she plans on going to artschool in Minnesota. There is no greater joy than our children. I shall post pictures later today, after we get her all dolled up. I can't wait :)

So here is an update. Just had to share these of my daughter getting ready for prom.
My Daughter Melissa
Melissa and her friend Elise

Something I wanted to share with everyone was this quote and it is something I hope none of us artists never give up on, even us "struggling starving artists", such as myself and to all future artists.

If you can imagine it,
You can achieve it;
If you can dream it,
You can become it.
~ William Arthur Ward


Work In Progress

So here is an update of my current work in progress. I am working on the clothing and background. All done in color pencil.

Mother's Day Gift

Color Pencil Tip of the Week

This week I wanted to share 6 different types of strokes I use when creating works with color pencil. The first is light pressure cross-hatching, light pressure and widely spaced stippling, circulism, circular-scrumbing, stippling closely overlapping and a soft-vertical stroke. I probably use the soft-vertical stroke and the circular-scrumbling the most, but I will use each one depending on the subject I am working on.

Resource of the Week

This week I wanted to share with everyone the Parklane Miniature Show. One of these days, when I have enough $$, I would love to participate in it. Maybe next year, if finances allow. Some beautiful works!

I hope you all  have a great weekend and happy creating!

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