Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Updates and Colored Pencil Tip of the Week

Hey Everybody!
It's Spring Break, Winter Term is finally over with, and it has been a long time since my last post. I have been so overwhelmed with classes this last term, so many essays to write that I have had no time to pick up a pencil and draw. Then I got an eye ulcer in my eye and I wasn't able to see very well for the past two weeks. In addition we moved out of the house we were renting and bought our first home.
Our New Home

So still have some unpacking and organizing to do, also a lot of yard work. I hope to get that done this week along with some much-needed drawing time.

Now that it is Spring Break, I plan on picking up where I left off on my latest work in progress. “I Believe” Medium: Color Pencil I am presently working on the shirt and background.

I Believe

Color Pencil Tip of the Week
There are many ways to lift up or remove color pencil from your work. Which ever method you choose you want to do so carefully, so you do not tear or ruin the surface of your paper.

Bet Borgeson illustrates two ways here http://www.mightyartdemos.com/mightyartdemosfrbkborgeson2.html
and then over at my website I explain a few ways to remove color pencil

Color Pencil Tool of the Week
Many color pencil artists out there use pencil extenders. Extenders are a handy little tool to extend the length of your pencil, when your color pencil becomes to short.
Here is one I found that you have to check out this marbled pencil extender over at Etsy  http://tinyurl.com/cp7fg84
In additon here are some others over at Amazon.

I hope everyone has a blessed Easter weekend!
Blessed Easter Sunday image
Easter Pictures

Take Care and God Bless!