Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Updates and Baby Kittens

Hello Everyone :)
Well, school started for the girls right after Labor Day. I am back to being the very busy chauffeur for everybody. It really tends to interrupt my drawing time during these shorter daylight months, as I like to draw next to the window light during the daytime, but I will make the best of it. I do have an Ott lamp and a Bell & Howell lamp I like to use at night time, but the colors just aren't as true as what you see in window daylight. If I ever get a studio built, it's going to have lots of windows. Love window light.

Jennifer and I, have been busy taking care of 4 baby kittens. Something has happened to the mother, as she has been missing now for 3 weeks. I will try to get pictures to share soon of the little ones. They are so cute :D

I finally finished up the Orange and White Tabby Cat for CAPS  yearly art auction. I am really pleased how this one turned out. I think the colors blended well together.

I also updated my James and Giant Peach Daydream entry. I wanted to darken up the colors a bit more and worked on the background some more. I didn't place, but it was so much fun working on this piece.

My next projects will be the Think Pink V dedication piece, working on a new Christmas piece, Ellen Millions sketches and a new emotional and spiritual piece.
Hope everyone has a great day!
Take Care and God Bless!