Thursday, November 4, 2010

Commission Work In Progress and Update on Procedure

Good evening everyone! 
Well I made it through the procedure with no problems on Tuesday. The doctor removed polyps from the stomach and colon and did several biopsies. I won't know the results of the biopsies for about a week. However, he did not discover any reason for the pain I have been having, on my  left side. So I guess now I go see an internist, to see if they can help me out.
Thank you all for your prayers. Much appreciated!! ((hugs))

Commission Work In Progress:
Here's an update of my latest work in progress. I am working on the eyes now and defining the eyebrows and ears. I see now I still need to darken up the hair a little bit more on the left side and top area. So will go back on work on that area after I finish up the eyes, eyebrows and ears.