Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Update on Work In Progress

Good morning everybody! I started the clear liquid diet yesterday and then began drinking the prep solution. Let me tell you that is the most terrible tasting stuff I have ever had. And there is so much of it, I almost got sick. Felt sick all night long and the bathroom was my best friend last night.. And I still have a little bit more of the prep solution I have to finish.  I go in for the procedure later this afternoon, so hoping and praying that all goes well. Please include me in your prayers today. Thanks!

Commission Work In Progress:

I started working on the eyes. I will move to the eyebrows, forehead and ears. Right now I just layered down two very light  layers of base coats of cream and pale peach around the eyes, forehead and ears. I want to finish up the eyes before I lay down any more layers of color.
I still can't get the scan to pick up the right colors. The hair is much darker than what it's showing.  So tomorrow I will try my other scanner, to see if it makes a difference.

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