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Creating White Using Colored Pencils

Colored Pencil Tips & Techniques:

Creating White Using Colored Pencils

It's All About Colored Pencils!

The white-colored pencil is much like a colorless blender in that it can be used to blend and burnish colors. But should colored pencil artists just use only a white pencil to achieve white in their works of art? When working on colored paper, the white-colored pencil is a very effective tool for creating a base layer, and the white-colored pencil is effective in bringing out the highlights and wispy hairs within a subject. However, when working on white paper, defining white can be quite deceptive and challenging, especially for beginning artists. White is very much like black and can be made up of many colors in the spectrum, depending on the time of day, surrounding subject(s), and colors reflected upon the subject you are creating.

Below is a list of tips and techniques to create subjects that are white.

  • Analyze your subject and determine what colors you see and are present before you begin.

  • Use a paint shop program to determine what colors to use for white in your reference photo.

  • Use a value/color finder to determine colors and values.

  • Lyra Rembrandt and Derwent Coloursoft white pencils work best on colored paper.

  • Build your white or brightest areas up using light layers of colors.

  • In creating a white subject, pick colors reflected from surrounding subjects.

  • Use light greys and soft pastel colors for creating your white highlights and light areas.

  • Use soft pastel or light colors for snow.

  • Use white only for highlights, whispy hairs and whiskers.

  • Use opposite colors for shadows and darks to make your work pop and glow.

  • Focus on creating the highlights and mid-tones, when working on colored paper.

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