Saturday, August 14, 2021

Oregon Heat Wave, Pretty Flowers and New Projects

Oregon Heat Wave 

For the second time this summer, Oregon has had high temperatures upwards into the 100s. Today the temperature is a little more tolerable. It's a high of 90 in the little town of Carlton. This morning the sky was hazy from all of the smoke blowing in from the fires. So grateful we are not experiencing a possible evacuation from all the fires like we did last year.  

A Walk in the Garden

I haven't had the opportunity to go on many hikes this summer. So today just did a walk around the garden to capture all the pretties. Some flowers are not in bloom yet, but are close to budding out. 

    Lanceleaf Coreopsis and Sunflower

    Rudbeckia and Coneflower

    Rudbeckia and Crocosmia

New Projects

Well this is going to be my next colored pencil art project.
Started off with this stock photo from Pixabay.

stock photo from pixabay

and then transformed into the reference image I wanted. 

stock photos by pixabay and own

However, I need to finish this baby quilt for a baby shower first before I begin the new colored pencil piece.

Pray you all have an amazing blessed week and stay cool!

Keep on Creating!

Carol Moore

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