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Grand Tetons, Dubois Wyoming and New Calendar

Traveling Idaho and Wyoming

In September, we had the opportunity to travel back to the Grand Tetons National Park and visit Dubois, Wyoming. Dubois is located to the east of the park. To get to Dubois, take hwy 26/287 just past the Moran entrance. We got to view some gorgeous country, and we had the opportunity to see some of God's amazing creatures.

Our first stop along the way to the Grand Tetons, was Ashton, Idaho and Mesa Falls. Mesa Falls is located in Eastern Idaho in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. We traveled along the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway, which is located between Ashton, Idaho and Island Park, Idaho. The byway takes about one hour or more to drive through. It can take a little longer if you decide to do any of the hikes along the route.

Ashton, Idaho
Ashton Idaho Ashton Idaho

Mesa Falls

Both, the Lower and Upper Mesa Falls have overlooks to view the waterfalls.

Mesa Falls
Lower Mesa Falls Lower Mesa Falls
Upper Mesa Falls Upper Mesa Falls

Wildflowers along the trails. Wild Columbine and sunflower species.

wild columbine sunflower species

Yellowstone National Park

Our next stop was Yellowstone National Park. We did just a quick drive through on our way to Dubois, Wyoming.

Dubois Wyoming and National Bighorn Sheep Center

Finally, we reached Dubois, Wyoming. It's a charming old west town located within the Wind River Valley and just about an hour east of Grand Teton National Park. It has a lot of history and is the location of the National Bighorn Sheep Center. A must-stop if you are interested in learning about the wildlife in the area and the Whiskey Basin Wildlife Area.

Dubois Wyoming Scenic Overlook

If you visit Dubois, Wyoming, do not forget to stop off at the Dubois Scenic Overlook to see some spectacular views of the valley. 

National Museum of Military Vehicles

The National Museum of Military Vehicles is located east of Dubois, Wyoming. It displays a collection of over 500 military vehicles and over 200 firearms. The fee for adults to get in is $20. This fee covers two days. The expanse of what this museum covers in history is incredible. This museum is an amazing tribute to our military service men and women. It is a great opportunity to take one's family on a field trip to educate them about the history of our military and about how our men and women throughout the United States history have fought for our freedoms. The  museum has displays that cover Word War I, Word War II, Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Grand Tetons National Park

I have to say this is one of my favorite National Parks. The beauty of the Grand Tetons is breathtaking. I could never tire of looking at these mountains. They are truly one of God's majestic wonders that He has created for us all to enjoy. If you are interested, there are live cams to watch the wildlife and the beauty of the Tetons located on See Jackson Hole on YouTube

New Calendar

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