Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Fawn and Battling a Virus

My newest ACEO is now up for bid on ebay
The Fawn done in color pencil . The ACEO is part of an All Group ACEO for the Yahoo Animal Artwork Group
Each artist will be donating a certain percentage of their sale to a non-profit rescue/shelter organization.

10% of this sale will be going to Nature World Wildlife Rescue Inc., which is out of Florida. They facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation and hopeful release of sick, injured and/or orphaned wildlife found in the Nature Coast Region of Florida. They are presently gearing up for the spill. I plan on doing a series of wildlife ACEOs to help out with the Gulf Oil Spill.

This ACEO was created with reference stock from Dreamstime.

Garsh my summer has not been so great very far,  I have been battling a respiratory virus for over a week now. Just when I feel like I am getting better, the cough starts to get worse. Last night, I was coughing so hard, I could taste blood in the back of my throat.  My chest is really hurting today. I go into the doctor on the 7th, so if things aren't better by then,  I guess I will have to get some antibiotics oh and I am sure she will make me get an x-ray. I haven't drawn anything for the past few days because of it, but pushing myself today. I am working on another ACEO, that I plan to donate part of the sale to the Marine Mammal Center. Then after that I have to start working on my entry for the Think Pink V contest - all for  Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer awareness. So I have got to get busy.

I hope everyone else is having a better summer than me.
Take Care and Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!


  1. Beautiful ACEO. I hope you start feeling better soon. I had a bad bout with bronchitis in February and ended up with crackling in my lungs (a sign of pneumonia). I had to take antibiotics, steroids, an inhaler and a nebulizer. Worst case of bronchitis I've ever had. If I were you, I would wait until the 7th. I tried to hold up and ended up in the er with a pulse ox of only 92. Almost got admitted to the hospital.

  2. Thank you Deanna! I am feeling better now. I still have a little bit of a cough. The fever is gone though.
    I know what you've been through, I have had bronchitis and pneumonia before - no fun at all. I did end up in the hospital, when I got pneumonia. So I was a little worry about this cough turning into that again, but I haven't heard any rattling or crackling. But I am sure the doctor will check things out to be sure on the 7th.

  3. Wow Awesome creations ,,,just stunning work !!!
    I do hope you are BETTER by now~~~ God has truly blessed you and THANKS so much for sharing the HOW TO's with all of us..
    Hugs from Dena,,your newest follow...

  4. BTW~~~Wanted to say,,Its WONDERFUL that you speak of GOD in your "About You" !!!

  5. Thanks so much Dena! Just now catching up on comments I have missed. I am feeling a little better, but still struggling with pain. Prayers are greatly appreciated. Hoping doctors will be figuring out what's wrong when I go in again this month.