Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Fathers Day, Sketches and Follow Along Skin Tone Tutorial Pt. 3

Hello Everyone!
Been a rough week for me. Last Friday I was at the doctor's and hospital most of the day. I had to get a cat scan. The doctor thought I had diverticulitis or some infection in the intestine. The pain went away, after they shot me with iodine, but Sunday I started to feel not so well again. It's been a pretty rough couple of weeks. I started to feel better yesterday, but will be getting into a gastrinologist within the next week or two. And now I am coming down with that respiratory virus that the girls have had. Oh what a fun way to start off the summer break. :(

Happy Fathers Day!

I hope all the dads out there,  have a wonderful Father's Day tomorrow. This time of year I really miss my dad a lot. It's been 3 years now since he died from cancer.
A Happy Father's Day to my husband who is truly a blessing, who is always there for me when I need him and who is always so supportive. I am so thankful he is in my life.

Sketches to Share
Just had to share two sketches I did at yesterday's Ellen Millions June Sketch Fest
It was so much fun. I look forward to participating in it again.
I will be reworking these a sketches a bit more but plan to work on these soon.
Butterfly Blessings
 Victorian Rose Maiden

Follow Along Skin Tone Tutorial Pt. 3
Continuing on from the last part, here is a list of color pencils needed for this section.

Color Pencils
  1. Prismacolor Light Peach PC927
  2. Prismacolor Seashell Pink PC1003
  3. Prismacolor Peach PC939
  4. Prismacolor Mineral Orange PC1033
  5. Prismacolor Rosy Beige PC1019
Begin by applying a layer of Peach PC939 using medium pressure in the shaded and detailed areas and light pressure in the other areas. Next apply a light layer of Seashell Pink PC1003 over some of the areas of  Peach PC939 blending the layers of colors together.

Next add a layer of Mineral Orange PC1033, using light to medium pressure, shaping and detailing in the darkest areas of the arm. Apply a light layer of Peach PC939 over the layer of Mineral Orange PC1033, blending and smoothing out the layers of colors.

The next color is Rosy Beige. Apply a light layer along the edge of the arm and in the shaded and detailed areas. This color will start to tone down the other layers of colors. Use light layer of Peach PC939 and Light Peach PC927 to blend all the colors together where needed.

Next week will continue adding the dark colors and defining the details and shaded areas.

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