Thursday, July 22, 2010

Updates and Skin Tone Tutorial Pt. 4

Hey Everyone,
It's been a while since I posted anything. The whole family has been battling this bronchitis/walking pneumonia for about 4 weeks now. Just now starting to feel better. Now my hubby just came down with it on Sunday. I just pray my youngest daughter does not come down with it again. Her immune system is not very strong. And I pray I don't get it again either, as I had a reaction to the antibiotics and wasn't able to take all of them.

We have been trying to see about buying a house, but we think God is closing the door on that, for us right now. Instead, we think, He is trying to tell us to go buy a car or we will be walking. The car situation is not too good. Three cars are sitting in the driveway and all but one is driveable, just barely.

Anyways, I haven't been drawing too much as of late. I did finish up the skin tone tutorial about a week or so ago and I am almost done with my egret ACEO I have been working on. Motivation has not been so high, due to all this sickness. I hope to be sharing the newest ACEO with you all soon.

Follow Along Skin Tone Tutorial Pt.4
This will be the last part of this tutorial. I am already working on the tutorial as a whole lesson for my website and DA.
So continuing on where we left off last time....

Color Pencils You Will Need
Prismacolor Light Peach PC927
Prismacolor Seashell Pink PC1003
Prismacolor Peach PC939Prismacolor Pink PC929
Prismacolor Clay Rose PC1017
Prismacolor Burnt Ochre PC743
Derwent Coloursoft Pale Brown C220
Prismacolor Greyed Lavendar PC1026
Derwent Coloursoft Mid Brown C600
Prismacolor Dark Brown PC946
Prismacolor Dark Umber PC947
Prismacolor Black PC935

Start off by adding a light layer of Pink PC929 in the shaded and detailed areas. Then add a light to medium layer of Clay Rose PC1017. Use medium pressure in the shaded and detailed areas and light pressure in the other areas.  Next, add a light layer of Peach PC939 blending the layers of colors together.

 Next add a light to medium layer of Burnt Ochre and then Pale Brown in the shaded and detailed areas. Adding more pressure in along the edge of the bottom part of the arm and in and around the fingers. Then add a light layer of Seashell Pink PC1003 blending the two colors together and evening the colors out.

 Now apply a light to medium pressure of Greyed Lavendar PC1026 in the shaded and detailed areas. Next, apply a light to medium pressure of  Dark Brown PC946 in the lower part of the arm's shaded and detailed areas and just slightly in the upper right part of the arm. Use medium pressure of the Dark Brown along the lower edge of the arm and up and around the fingers. As you will see the Greyed Lavendar tones down the orange-peach tone. Even out and blend the colors with a light layer of Clay Rose.

 Lastly,  apply a light to medium layer of Dark Umber PC947 and then a light layer of  Black PC935 along the lower edge of the arm and in around the fingers. Even out and blend the colors with Greyed Lavendar and Peach.

Thanks for following along. I will have the full tutorial up on my site later tonight and up on my DA Gallery.
The images will be much bigger and explained a little better as well.
Hope you all are having a great summer and Happy Creating!


  1. How totally Awesome of you to share this Sweetie.. Your work is amazing to me also,,and its an honor to be on the 365 blog with all of you too.
    Blessings and Hugs Dena
    May God continue to bless you~~~

  2. You have a wonderful blog Carol! Love the posts and the way you show the process and describe the color choices!

  3. So sorry for the late reply everyone. I am not receiving any emails when someone posts a comment for some reason.
    Thank you Dena! Hugs and God Bless!!

    Thank you so much Jack! Appreciate you stopping by and checking out the tutorial.