Sunday, October 31, 2010

Work In Progress Update, New Photos, and Ebay Fraud

Good morning everyone! It's 6:50 am here. I begin my clear liquid diet today, for the colonoscopy and endoscopy on Tuesday. Asking for prayers that all goes well on Tuesday. I was in a lot of pain yesterday, but doing a little better this morning.

Commission Work In Progress:
I have a little more darkening of the hair to do and blending of the background, then I will move onto the face. The scan is not picking up the true color of the blue background or the hair exactly.  I will see if I can't adjust that, next time I scan.

New Photos:
I have some new photos to share with you. I will be compiling a new floral calendar, after I finish up the commission I am presently working on.

Spring's Promise

Morning's Kiss

Morning Dew

Ebay Fraud:

I thought I would share this little information that Jillian Crider posted over at the miniature artwork group.
Jillian is a very talented miniaturist and runs the ebay ACEO group.
This is some info and some links,  in regards to art fraud on ebay.
I thought it was pretty interesting, because the majority of the frauds are ACEOs done in color pencil or painting over prints. I didn't realize this was happening on ebay. I don't know if any of the collectors realize it either.
I have been told, there is a way to tell if it is a painting over a print or drawing over a print, just hold it up to the light and you will see lots of pink/magenta dots from the printer.
I also thought this was pretty interesting tol "eBay Refuses to Enforce Their Own Policy - What makes this especially frustrating, is that it extends beyond copyright infringement and art fraud. The use of celebrity images violates eBay's own policy. According to eBay's Faces, Names and Signatures policy: "Sellers are not permitted to list an item containing the image, likeness, name, or signature of another person unless the product was made or authorized by that person."
Correct me if I am wrong, this would mean you would have to get a model release or some sort of signed contract. There are many artists that create celebrity/movie ACEOs and sell them on ebay. I don't think many of them realize it's a copyright infringement, unless they get permission to do so.

Blog on ebay fraud busters

Jillian's review of fake art on ebay

Video on how fake art is made

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