Sunday, May 8, 2011

Work In Progress and New Tip

Good Morning everyone!
Sharing my latest work in progress. I am nearly done. I should have it done within the next day or two and then I will begin on the second sketch idea, for a ceiling mural for our church. I will be sharing those sketches and photos of the area,  later this week. I will not be starting this huge painting project until August. After I am done with the sketch, I will begin working on my miniature pieces for an upcoming show and I might just throw in a pirate piece, being as Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is coming out in a couple of weeks.

The Promise

Yesterday, I worked on a whole new section for my Color Pencil Tips and Techniques page located here   I now have a whole new section on Types of Color Pencils located here  I also updated several of the sections. So stop on by and check it out, and if you have any tips or techniques you would like to share, I would be happy to add them and give credit. You can just email me at and put in subject line Color Pencil Tip.

RESOURCE OF THE WEEK is a monthly art newsletter, covering topics from watercolor to framing. An awesome huge resource for all artists.

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