Saturday, April 30, 2011

Newest Work in Progress and Sucked Into Facebook

Hello Everyone!
It's been a very busy week for me with family and haven't had a lot of time to work on present work in progress, but I posted an update. I tried to get this one done before Easter, but I just didn't have enough time.
Color pencil and watercolor pencil on Canson Mi Tientes
"The Promise"
Sucked Into Facebook
Facebook has become such a gigantic global social media site - over 600 million active users. Millions of people are addicted to the social media frenzy of logging in each day, to play games, to seek and chat with friends, to check out groups or fan pages.
If an artist could use Facebook as a tool, to reach out to the global community and share his or her art works, without getting sucked into it's applications, it can become a vital tool in helping artist(s) clients base grow.
1. Use it to communicate with your present client base
2. Use it to increase your client base by creating a fan page
3. Use it for advertising your website/artwork/fanpage with a banner ad.
4. Use it to promote your upcoming workshops, exhibitions, shows and events.
5. Use it to show your fans your current works in progress, latest products and sales

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Hope you all have a great weekend!
Much Love!
Carol Moore

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